Monday, June 21, 2010

Family shoot at the beach. 06/21/10. John Cameron

Today I did a photo shoot for my girlfriend's mother. Her parents are about to have their 50th wedding Anniversary, so she wanted a family photo of herself and her three daughters. I took them down to the beach, and we had a lot of fun during the shoot. I wanted to do the shoot around 7:30pm, so I had that nice pinkish/orange sky. But they showed up early, so I had shoot them just at different locations to use up some time.
I had the f stop at 5.6, so the background was a little out of focus, and the shutter speed was at 400. The ISO was at 200, and I used one flash located behind me. I used it on the manual setting, and it was at about an 1/8 of a stop.

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