Wednesday, December 2, 2009

John Cameron. 12/02/09. Idea/Concept Blog

This week I'm going to get into a little self portrait work. I usually shoot photographs of my friends, but with finals in the minds of everyone, photo shoots aren't what they want to do. Next week is going to be a little slower for everyone, so I'll photograph some friends then. I'm also going to bring in an old photograph that I took earlier this year. I originally thought that I had to turn in 7 photographs, but just found out that I have to hand in 10.
We Want You, Digital Photograph. 2009. 20"x30" by John Cameron
I gave it a quick edit, but I'm gonna go back in and re-edit it and maybe give it another background. I wanted to give it a look where it related to recruiting. Recruiting is big for our team, and I totally feel as though they are both saying the "we want you!" type deal.

My idea for the self portrait work is to relate it around basketball. I played basketball a lot when I was younger, but now, I don't have as much time for it, as I play Rugby so much. I'm 6'6" so basketball is really fun for me as I have an advantage. I want to show myself in a photographing stance with a camera, and then have myself in the photo again with a pose as though I was getting my own photo taken by a photographer. Something I haven't done much before. I have done self portraits, like this one below, but I was in a move/action. I want to show the shoot, and show how I would be in a photo shoot. It's gonna be fun, and I know it's going to be a good image.
Dunk, Digital Photograph, 2009, 13"x19" by John Cameron

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