Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Artist Lecture - Kevin Morley. John Cameron 12/01/09

Looking over Richmond Skyline from James River. Digital Photograph. By Kevin Morley
Kevin Morley is a staff photographer for the Richmond Times Dispatch Newspaper. I went to the Times Dispatch building for a another one of my classes, and he spoke for over an hour on how he lives life as a photographer, and also how he takes photographs. Kevin is a considered a photojournalist and he talked about the differences between freelance photographers and photojournalists. An example of this was saying that as a photojournalist, you are given hours to work each week, and as a freelance photographer, you have to make up your own hours.
By Kevin Morley
He then talked about how he has to take photographs of all kinds of things. Working for a newspaper makes him travel all around the state. If something crazy happens, the newspaper is expected to go to the scene, take a photograph and write up a story about it. So this photograph above, is an example of what he was talking about. This photograph is of a public restroom, that was voted one of the top public restrooms in the country. Crazy stories like this is what he has to do. But he also mentioned that it can be rough at times because he is trying to photograph scenes, where some people may think he should not be there. Say if he was photographing a funeral, someone might think it's wrong that he is photographing the people who are at a loss. To defend this, Kevin took a photograph of a young boy at a funeral, standing next to his father's coffin, who had passed away from the War in Iraq. This image was spread all over the news, and a miracle happened where groups got together to give the young boy a college fund. So without the photograph, this may not have happened.

By Kevin Morley
Kevin Morley was a really confident speaker, and I told myself that I need to be as confident as him when I speak in front of people. It just makes you look better and makes people take you seriously in my opinion. As for his style in photography, I agreed with one of his quotes. He said that if he's with a bunch of other photographers photographing a scene and they're all in the one spot, then he makes sure that he wants to be on the other side to get that different view than everyone else. Kevin Morley showed that he loves what he does, and it gave me an ambition to maybe work for a newspaper one day.

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