Sunday, November 29, 2009

John Cameron. 11/30/09. Artist - Bob Croslin

This week I wanted to find an artist that focused on the basics. Color basics. Where colors compliment each other. Not necessarily in every image, but just to see if the photographer used it in any of their work. I wanted to look at some ESPN photographers, and I found Bob Croslin. He works for many clients, but I came across him, when I was looking at some ESPN photography.
By Bob Croslin
Right here, as you can see, the orange is complimenting the blue. The colors look good together, and it makes the photo successful. As I've mentioned, I want to focus in sports photography, and my teacher said not to always focus on the technical parts with lighting and poses, but not to forget about color. I looked through Bob Croslin's website, and he has a really nice website. I really like his lighting skills. Over the past couple of months, I have talked about dodging and burning on the highlights, but it looks like he doesn't do heavy work in photoshop to do this. Rather he does a lot of the work while taking the photograph. So that has to be appreciated.
By Bob Croslin
Like the image above, the lighting is very clean cut. The shadows and highlights are popping out, and it doesn't look fake like. Sometimes the style can look surreal. It look's as though there's a small vignette, which is something I'm also really getting into. I couldn't find many of his images that I liked of his website to paste on here. But it gives you an idea. Bob's website is . A lot of his images have the sky as the background. As in a lot of the background. This is something i've also been looking at getting into. Where you expose for the sky, and light up the subject. I just think it makes photographs look really clean cut and interesting. Bob Croslin works for clients such as ESPN, WWE, Atlantic Records, SONY, Newsweek, MSNBC and many more.

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