Sunday, November 22, 2009

John Cameron. 11/22/09. Artist - Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is awesome and that's all there is to it. We do artist statements every week and we have to compliment the photographer on how good they are, and why they are good. We look at their work and see how we can maybe relate to the work and try to work in the same standards to be a successful photographer. Chase Jarvis is unbelievably talented at what he does, and it's really fun to see what he builds in his work.
Water - by Chase Jarvis - Digital Photograph 2009
Chase Jarvis has a real concern for using objects and equipment to the highest of standards. As photographers, we consistently try to use objects to make our work look interesting. Chase does this so well and it's something to look up to and try to emulate. This image above shows a series of work that he did, where he photographed earth, wind, water, and fire. The photo shoot is on his blog at and it's just a fun shoot and something really cool to watch. The thing with his work is that, when people see it, I know they have to say "wow". I mean, look at this image above, that process of getting the water to do that is just an example of excellence.
By Chase Jarvis - digital photograph
He uses the similar technique of dodging and burning of the shadows and highlights, or if he doesn't, his image technique is what I'm looking to get into as I have showed throughout my blog for class. Another thing that I really liked about Chase was where he did a shoot with snow skiing. He used flashes at a very fast rate to capture a skier flying over jumps. There were like 8 frames a second, and flashes were fired every time. This photo shoot is also on his blog, and it's fun to watch. This was cool because it was a challenge for Chase to see if it worked and if the flashes could have enough power to go off for every image. It worked and the results are amazing. Here is one of the results. If you don't think it's cool, beat it. ha
By Chase Jarvis - Digital Photograph, 2009

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