Sunday, November 8, 2009

John Cameron. 11/08/09. Artist - George Kamper

By George Kamper
The thing I love most about this class/blog, is that you find really nice work and hard working artists. I find new artists every week, but sometimes I will find an extremely talented artist and this week I have. His name is George Kamper, and his work is amazingly clean cut and beautiful. His lighting and photoshop techniques are a true talent, and I adore his work. I have really been focusing on this style, this semester, but Kamper's range of work is really interesting to look at.
By George Kamper
His website is and he has a wide range of photographs from sports, conceptual, fashion, and portraits. As you can see with the image above, he has similar styles to what I have been researching all semester. Where there is strong dodging and burning on the shadows and highlights. But with Kamper's work, it's very diverse and he can shoot anything. In another one of my classes, we have come across a type of photographer known as a "Generalist". Where the photographer shoots everything, and how it's hard for them to be a specialist at a certain style of photography. But Kamper takes the cake and dominates photography in my opinion.
By George Kamper
George Kamper works primarily in New York and Miami. For my next image in my portfolio, I wanted to focus on a location shot, like this one above. Where it shows the environment, and nice lighting. Where it may be in the evening. I'll look to do this Friday, and have it up next week.

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