Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mid Term Critique video response - John Cameron 11/18/09

After watching my video, I got really good feedback from it. Something that can't be given from other students. I feel that I did well in my critique, and that my thoughts were taken in well from other students. But no one knows yourself, more than yourself. If that makes sense. So I could really see where I spoke differently, than what I would usually do if it was just a one on one conversation.

When you see yourself on video, it puts you in a seat, just like another viewer. Except you see all the errors just like everyone else. During my speech, in the first couple of minutes, I spoke okay, but I know that I can do ten times better. There were times where I was trying to explain a photograph, and I paused for a split second. After going through my speech many times before the class, I thought that I was set, and ready to go. But, I guess I just froze up in the speech at times. It wasn't too bad, but there were a few pauses to confuse it up just a tiny bit. From this, I know that I need to practice my speech even more before a critique, so it can flow better in front of the class. I also need to relax and take my time. I think I froze up a few times, because I was looking for the right word to explain my thoughts. So, I need to make sure I get all of the correct words through my head before the speech next time, so I can insert the correct words when I need to.

But When we see the visiting artists come to VCU, I don't think they have a speech, or ideas thought in their head. I think they just go from photograph to photograph, and speak about what they were going through at the time of each piece. So this might be an option also. But practicing before the critique is still a must, and figuring out what important words are needed for each photograph is vital also.

I was very pleased with how students responded to my work. I felt that it was all positive in a way to make my photographs even better. For the viewers to respond and say things that really related to my style of work, made me realize that they understood what I said in the beginning of the critique. I felt that it was important for me to give feedback on some responses, and then also to just take some responses in and have no reply for their response. I didn't want to act like I knew everything, and then have an answer for every response given to me. I wanted to give respect to the students, and listen to what they had to say. When I saw this in the video, I think it worked well. It looked like I was confident in my responses to questions, because I had practiced before the speech. Before the critique, I asked myself what questions may be asked. So I could be prepared during the critique and this worked well.

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