Wednesday, November 18, 2009

John Cameron. 11/18/09. Idea/Concept Blog

I ended up doing a shoot yesterday. It kind of happened by luck.... sort of. I have been trying to photograph a friend, but things have just been coming up and I haven't been able to squeeze him into my schedule. So I realized that Thanksgiving was coming and that I needed to get it done. I was going to try and photograph him, with a relationship to being dirty. Playing sports makes you sweat, and you get very dirty. Your clothes smell, and they need to be cleaned. However, my model managed to get a black eye on the weekend, so this changed my plan. I might do the dirty (as in mud and sweat) photograph later.
Brotherly Love - Digital Photograph, 20"x30" 2009. - By John Cameron
So this is Brad, and he has a black eye. I wanted to make it look as though he was serious and upset. I wanted to show that this is Brad. A guy who is sitting on his football field and will do anything for his team mates. Even cop a black eye if there is a fight. I didn't want to do a photograph around fighting, but when I saw his black eye, I realized that I had to photograph it. I play sports, and sometimes on the field, things can get out of control and fights can occur. When this occurs, you want to protect your brothers on your team. So I wanted to show this in the photograph. Brad is sitting on his turf, looking straight down in the camera, this is something I haven't done in my portfolio yet.

I'm probably going to do another shoot on Friday or early next week. I intend to relate it around practicing. I feel as though practice is huge in sports, and without it you cannot get better. So I plan to relate that around studying for a test and practicing for a speech. I had to write a paper on a speech I did about practicing for a speech. I talked about how I need to practice my speech many times so I can do better in the critique. That relates to sports so much. So I'm going to relate it to basketball an play around with that.

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