Sunday, November 1, 2009

John Cameron. 11/01/09. Artist - Jodie Otte

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at conceptual artists and haven't really been looking at artists that shoot sports related photographs. So I wanted to get back into seeing some imgaes that involve sports, but may have a little conceptual meaning to them.
By Jodie Ottie
I went onto google and searched NFL sports photographs. I wanted to find some photographs of athletes maybe in the studio doing something conceptual, but I found this image above. It obviously came up because of the NFL on the football, and I loved the image. I don't know exactly what the image means, but I assume, that it evolves around a NFL player that might feel as though his life is the NFL, but his baby is the major part in his life. She has another similar image on her website of a baby in a baseball glove that is also interesting.

I saw comparisons to my other photographs, where I have used other objects to define another meaning. Jodie Otte is a photographer that specializes in child and baby photography, but she also has many other genre's that can be seen on flickr. Her website is and she has a style that I really like. She has nice lighting skills, and I also like her low f/stop style where the focus is always on the subject to give the background a nice blur. She works out of Maryland and has done shoots in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where I have been many times.

I have gathered ideas from her work, where I can maybe use large objects to relate to some of my athletic friends.

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