Wednesday, November 4, 2009

John Cameron. 11/05/09. Idea/Concept Blog

Last week I mentioned that I want to show a photograph relating around injury. I have felt from my previous photographs, that setting up scenes is good for me, and I want to continue doing that. But this time, I'm going to do it outside. At first I wanted to do an image where it looked like the injured person was laying down, and I wanted to focus on their face. But, I just had my mid-term critique and it seemed as though the close body shot received good remarks. So my idea is to photograph a friend, outside, looking up to him, and then to have some bandages on him. The way that I'm going to make it conceptual, is by making the subject hold a wallet. I plan to put band-aids all over the wallet and also put them on the subject. I want to show that playing a sport in college can hurt your wallet. You have to put a lot of time into playing a sport and it really makes it tough to find a part-time job with flexible hours.

John Pabelbon, Boston, MA, 2007 by Walter Iooss
The image above is by Walter Iooss. Not really what I want to photograph, but a similar angle.
I want to get at a low angle, so that I can focus on the wallet, and the face to show that it's a decision that you have to make when playing a sport. You can play, make friends for a lifetime, and have them if needed in the future, or decide to not play to make it through college.

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