Thursday, October 29, 2009

John Cameron. 10/29/09. Idea Concept/Blog.

This week I plan to photograph injury. I've been wanting to shoot an injury type image for a few weeks now, but other ideas have come first. I've had a niggling minor injury all week, and it's just been so annoying. It's a deep abrasion on my hip, from being tackled at speed into a tough dirt surface. This injury, although small, has been annoying and has kept the tackle from the game in my mind all week. I was outplayed and the defender said something to me after the tackle that made me want to get him back.
Injury Photograph found off Google
From this I want to show how injury from a sport relates to things in life outside of the sport. Showing how it effects the person around the house, or in school. I haven't got a planned out idea yet, but I plan to shoot on Friday on location. I think that I'm going to show an actual moment when an injury took place. As I said last week, I don't want to use the same jersey that I have used over previous images, rather a training/practice type shirt.
Injury Photograph found off Google
I may even crop in on a certain injury location. I talked to Jeff a few weeks ago, and he mentioned cropping in on parts to give it an abstract meaning. I might do this, and have other objects around it making it relate to my other images. I would do this by showing how it effects your body, and then how it effects you in everyday life for the next week or so.

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