Wednesday, October 7, 2009

John Cameron. 10/07/09. Idea/Concept Blog

So my theme for my portfolio is sports. Yeah, I can shoot sports, but who can't? So I have been thinking about conceptual ideas to make my photographs have more meaning. I realize that when I talk about my work, that it's pretty basic. Not much to talk about. Sure I can talk about the lighting, angles, color values etc. but there hasn't really been a true meaning to the photographs I have taken before. I feel as though it's been easy to figure out my work. I haven't really made the viewer guess or think about my image, other than the techniques in the image (how long was shutter open in a long exposure etc). So I plan to do some conceptual ideas. Make the viewer question what each image means.

So I have been researching conceptual artists. I've been trying to figure out what they have to communicate through the photograph. For this to work, I have to do it by using objects involved with rugby, to be used in a different place, or different job. As you can see in the image, the shower head is producing water, and grapes to make wine. This image is by Calvin Lockwood.

This image gave me the idea of using a water bottle in relation to rugby. I previously mentioned in recent weeks, how I want to show how rugby players deal with playing a club sport at college, with a job and with lots of school work. How it may be a struggle. So I plan to shoot on friday. To show a player sitting at a table, with lots of paperwork, in a rugby outfit, and then to have the person drink a bottle of water (hopefully show water mid air). My idea is to show that water is our battery recharger in sports. When you get tired and out of breath, you drink water. I want to incorporate this to needing a re-boost or energy recharger while finding times tough in college.

By Calvin Lockwood

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