Wednesday, October 14, 2009

John Cameron. 09/27/09. Artist - Calvin Lockwood

I accidently put this in the class blog sunday night (10/11/09).... just changing it now (10/14/09)
By Calvin Lockwood
This was the image that stood out the most to me. It's a simple idea, water and grapes to make wine. It is shown in a unique way, and yet it is an interesting image. When I saw this, I immediately thought of using water in relation to sports/rugby in which I want to shoot in this portfolio. In the beginning of the semester, I wanted to show/photograph how a college athlete (without a scholarship) deals with studying, their job and then practice and games. So I chose to get one of my rugby team-mates and take him into the studio. I wanted to get him to act like he was studying with books and paperwork, and to then show his rugby side by wearing the uniform. I then brought in the water aspect to show that when you're tired and out of breath in a game, you want water to re-charge yourself. So I wanted to relate that to studying. You get tired of studying, and sometimes feel out of breath, and feel the need for a break. Therefore water can relate and be an energy booster.
Energy. 2009. Digital Photograph 20"x30" by John Cameron
After looking at Calvin Lockwood's website, I didn't see much conceptual work. His work is more for advertising in magazines, like food, bedrooms, drinks etc. But when I saw the image of his (with the grapes shown above) it just stuck out and I looked up to it. He does have a unique style though. He likes to use a lot of blown out sections in his photographs. This is interesting because I don't see it that much at least. Calvin Lockwood has 25 years of experience now, and he works out of Atlanta. He has worked mainly in commercial advertising and product catalogs. Lockwood has won numerous awards from MAGS Gamma Magazine.

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