Sunday, October 25, 2009

John Cameron. 10/24/09. Artist - Paul Nelson

This week my favorite artist is Paul Nelson. I have looked at a fair few conceptual artists this week, but Paul Nelson's interesting ideas have stuck out the most. I have seen photographs on google that I like, but sometimes there is no information on who took the image. The downside to Paul Nelson is that I can't show you much of his work. But his website is
I found one of his images on google, but couldn't find any to paste anywhere else. This image isn't my favorite one of his. But it shows a little bit of his thought process, and his talent for a clean cut beautifully executed image.

By Paul Nelson
His conceptual ideas are once again an easy thought, like the other conceptual artists I have talked about. It is a talent to be able to think like this. But I feel as though I always struggle to try and think of similar conceptual ideas. I am practicing, and I'm trying to tell myself to think of objects, and how they can be used in other ways to relate to other things in life.

Paul Nelson's website is beautiful. His photographs are amazing. They are clean cut, and they contain outstanding lighting and photoshop techniques. They are definitely something to look up to, and a website, that I will definitely go back to look at. Paul is a Minneapolis based photographer, shooting advertising, editorial and conceptual work. There is a quote on his blog that says "His clean vivid style has an arresting visual impact", which sums up his style in a nut - shell.

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