Sunday, October 4, 2009

John Cameron. 10/05/09. Artist Joel Grimes

Vince - digital photograph by Joel Grimes. 2009

As I have mentioned over the past few weeks, I have become interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range) in relation to sports. It's weird, because I always assumed that HDR was more of a landscape related style. But, after researching many artists, I have seen it used with athletes and people. I have come up with the idea of using HDR in my sport photography. Joel Grimes has a remarkable website, and he also receives huge bonus points from me, because he has a blog demonstrating how he does all of his amazing work.

I tried this technique out with a studio shoot that I did a few weeks ago. I realized that the background was a huge part in making a nice HDR sports photograph work. So I plan to go on location and shoot outside with strobes and flashes.

Joel Grimes does amazing work on location, and his HDR style makes his images unique and feel like a new style to photography. Joel Grimes has a lot of images on his website ( that I like. His thought process on the scenes that he sets up is helpful to me in a way, because I can relate to it. I can also gather similar ideas to try and create the ultimate sports photograph.
Brittany, digital photograph. by Joel Grimes

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