Wednesday, October 14, 2009

John Cameron. 10/14/09. Idea Concept/Blog.

So I have another shoot scheduled for Friday (10/16/09) and I'm still in the process for an idea. I'm thinking of using a model that is in a suit, a nice business work uniform (Kakkis, Button up shirt, and tie) and relating rugby or a different sport to the idea. Last week, I took a photograph relating the athlete to school work and tiredness. But this week I want to change it up a little and not make it so repetitive. I remember an image from a few weeks ago, where NBA basketball star, Dwayne Wade was in nice clothes, with the background evolving around his life/job. Tim Tadder took this image, and I plan to do the same lighting and photoshop techniques that I have done in the previous weeks (dodging and burning/soft-light overlay).
Dwayne Wade, By Tim Tadder
With this image, It just reminded me of the similarity with what I want to do. I'm not going to go do the same thing as this. But I told myself after last week's shoot, that I wanted to photograph an athlete in a suit and have something with sports relating to the person.

Image by Aaron Kotowski
I found an image, with a technique that I may consider to try. As I said, I want to relate sports and an athlete's job. So I'm either going to try and use an object that is similarly used in both work and sports, or simply use a sporting object to be blown up, and have the person next to it relating to the image. It seems like a lot of fun, and I look forward to it.

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