Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Artist Lecture - Brian Ulrich. John Cameron 10/14/09

Brian Ulrich's work was inspiring to me. I thoroughly enjoyed his night photography photographs of "Dead Malls". During a semester, a year ago, I focused on night photography, and I did similar techniques to Brian with long exposures and painting with light.

Dixie Square Mall - 2008 by Brian Ulrich
Not only did he have good humor, but he talked about his art very well. I think that his night photography photographs were more of a technical art aspect. Whereas his thrift store photographs were more conceptual. With his Thrift store images, he had more stories to tell about each image. He would show an image from a thrift store, and explain the meaning behind it. Making it conceptual. Whereas with his night photography, he talked about how he would leave the shutter open for 30 minutes, and then light up the building by flash lights.
Circuit City - 2008, By Brian Ulrich
I shot long exposure night photography a year ago as I mentioned earlier, and I have to admit that I miss it. It has actually made me want to get back into it. I may decide to do it for one of my assignments coming up, where I have to relate the photography to conceptual work. So I look forward to it. I really enjoyed Brian Ulrich's lecture, as everyone else did. He spoke to us as though he was our friends, and mixed in simple humor to make everyone enjoy the photographs a lot easier.
Kids r Us - 2008, by Brian Ulrich

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