Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Artist Lecture, Spencer Finch, John Cameron. 10/06/09.

Spencer Finch's lecture was really fun. He was a good speaker, and mixed in a lot of humor while he talked, which made it work and win the crowd over very easily. Once again (like Umbrico), Finch was a conceptual artist. His thoughts were very interesting and his conceptual art definitely had a positive communication that worked well.
West (Sunset in My Motel Room, Monument Valley, 2007) Photograph by Spencer Finch
One of my favorite pieces of his work was where he had 9 televisions mounted on top of each other, three TVs wide, by 3 TVs high. Each television had video stills playing over and over all at the same time to create different colors. It is to be looked at from behind, and the colors are to be projected from the televisions into the bare wall. All in all it's just a unique and beautiful piece of work.

Another piece of work that I liked from Finch, was where he re-created the light temperatures from The Sight of Troy. He mentioned how so much history has gone through Troy, and how there isn't much left from it, other than the light. So he got long lights, and re-created the light temperature in a open room. Another conceptual idea, that at first seems like a room with lights. But really has a unique and stronger meaning.

None of his work really relates to mine as his is really conceptual and that he makes a lot of his art out of physical objects. However, I have learned from his artistic thoughts and how he thinks about making the viewer question what is in the art. From this, I will try to think like him. One thing I would like to do is to be able to speak the way he did. He seemed as though he just went up there and talked to a person face to face. I don't think he tried to tell jokes, but rather tell funny stories about his work and how different people perceived his art.


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