Wednesday, October 21, 2009

John Cameron. 10/21/09. Idea/Concept Blog

For my next photograph, I plan to evolve it around pain and being hurt. I've used rugby uniforms in my previous images, so I'm either going to change it up to basic training shirts or a different jersey. I found a photograph from artist Trent Bell, and I want to do an image with the similar angle and depth of field. I have been doing shoots in the studio for my past three images, and now I'm ready to get out on location. The way in which I want to make it conceptual is by showing the background, and the look on the person's face. Why is the person upset, is the person upset because of the sport or because of other things going on in their life? I'll play with that when I shoot, and come up with a more valid idea next week.
By Trent Bell
This image has an easy angle, and depth of field, in which I might try and do. I'm most likely going to keep the rugby sport theme going. However, I might show a player laying down looking injured, tired, or upset. I like Bell's lighting in this image, it has a nice showing of light coming from the right, and I might just plan to take out my camera, and a flash, and then have a white styrophome sheet to the side to take the image. I want to keep my style going that I have been using with my other images. Where I dodge and burn on the shadows and highlights, and then give it a soft light overlay. But in this image that I do next, I want to focus on the angle, and low depth of field to focus on the face.
Experienced, 20"x30" 2009 digital photograph, By John Cameron
As for last week, I came up with the idea of making a boot/cleat very large next to a young man starting his career. I related the two by saying that the boot, is slightly aged, not old, but experienced. To then compare to the man, who is not old, but not young. The man is in business attire, and looking at the shoe to think about where he has been in life, and how the shoe "looks" as though it has done the same.

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