Wednesday, April 7, 2010

John Cameron. 04/07/10. Idea/Concept Blog

Tomorrow I will be shooting another baseball game. However, tomorrow's game will have a new twist to my previous High School Baseball games. I emailed the coach of the team that I have been photographing, and I asked if I could get in his dugout. I really want to get in close, and get some good shots from this view. The coach/manager replied back very quickly and he was very positive about letting me come and photograph in his dugout. I'm really excited about getting in there, and I want to focus on the close up shots that I will have access to. I will do this by making it feel as though the viewer of the photograph, feels as though they are in the dugout as well.
Safe or out? - Digital photograph, March 2010 - By John Cameron
Check this out - Digital photograph, March 2010 - By John Cameron
Cadets - Digital photograph, March 2010 - By John Cameron
With the images above, I have cropped in on some images to show a different look from the obvious. Sometimes a face is not needed in a photograph, and it gives the image a small twist. I took these images last week, and I was not really trying to focus on cropping in on a unique area. But I just looked through some images, that I thought would be cool to crop in and edit. So I'll have some images up next week from the dugout!

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