Monday, April 5, 2010

John Cameron. 04-05-10 Artist Dale Zanine

So this week, I wanted to focus on a photographer that can get close to the action. After meeting with my teacher today, he recommended that I get in closer to the players to show that my work is unique. So I found the artist Dale Zanine, and I have a few of his images that show how close he is to the actual athletes. Sure, you can make it look like you're close to players with large lenses. But actually walking up to the player and getting close to them can be shown in a photograph. With the image below, I have the feeling that Zanine is on the court, and close to the basketball player. He may be on the other side of the court, crouching down really low. But he has convinced me that he is right there in front of the athlete.
Maryland Basketball players celebrate - Digital Photograph. By Dale Zanine
Tim Tebow interview - Digital Photograph. By Dale Zanine
Ole Miss Women's Basketball - Digital Photograph. By Dale Zanine
With the image of Tim Tebow (the interview pic) you can tell that Zanine is once again right there in front of the athlete. But you still have that second thought in your head, that he could be far away, crouching down and shooting up to the subject. Also with the basketball image down at the bottom. It may be a camera mounted, and then fired by a remote source. But you still get the feeling that you are actually sitting right there underneath the hoop. This is what I want to try out. It is a cool and unique approach that I have never really thought about.

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