Tuesday, April 13, 2010

John Cameron. 04/12/10. Artist Robert Beck

This week, I have found the artist Robert Beck. It is actually a cool new find for me, because I have seen his work in Sport magazines before, but I never really looked into his work. With the Masters being on the past week (golf), I wanted to find a photographer who was covering it. I looked on the masters website, and most of the images on the site were from Getty Images. So I then went to Getty, and the first name I saw was Robert Beck. I then went to his website, and looked through his beautiful style of photography.
Tigers Woods in Practice - Digital Photograph. 2009, by Robert Beck
This is the image that I have seen before in magazines, and when I saw it, it was cool to know that I am now researching the specific artist. The main thing that I appreciate about Beck's work is that he uses all sorts of styles in his photography. Whether it be silhouettes, long exposers, and looking for the unique times in sports (like the image above). For him tobe constantly looking for things like this is a true talent.
Cyclists - Digital Photograph - By Robert Beck
Digital Photograph - By Robert Beck
So the main thing I learned from Robert Beck, was to try to use different styles of photography to be different. Instead of doing the basic shots, look for the silhouettes, and longer exposures with blur. I'm going to shoot a baseball game today, and I'm going to experiment with blur, and silhouettes.

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