Sunday, September 13, 2009

John Cameron. 09/13/09. Artist David Bergman.

I found David Bergman. A photographer that is currently tearing it up. He is a photographer for Sports Illustrated, but he also photographs many different kinds of genres with many different styles of photography. He also photographs bands and other famous personalities in the U.S. Bergman currently works out of New York, and he is the President/owner of

The reason that I show an interest in Bergman is because of his strong lighting techniques. I met with another teacher about my senior portfolio, and he recommended that I use a studio as much as I can while I'm in college still. He also encouraged me to try to be unique, do something that hasn't been done before. So I am going to do a little work in the studio, and try some new stuff out. I plan on getting some athletes/friends, to get all sweaty and dirty for a sports related photograph. I plan to do some things that I haven't seen before. In regards to a student/college club athlete. When I was looking at Sports Illustrated photographers, I found Bergman, and saw his uniqueness... if that's a word. His work is distinguished and it stood out.
Brendan James, 2008, Digital Photograph. By David Bergman

This is a photograph of Brendan James. It's a nice photograph with standard lighting. I found other ones on his website, but I was unable to put them on here due to a strong copyright. So this is his site

There was an image on there of Brendan James that had similarities in what I want to do with my work for the senior portfolio. It was a close up head shot of Brendan James (pictured above) and his face was very detailed and it looked dirty/muddy. The image was personal. It was full of thoughts and emotions, and then the lighting of the image also made it a photograph to remember. Something that I also want to create.

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