Wednesday, September 9, 2009

John Cameron. 09/09/09. Idea Concept/Blog.

Over the past few days, I have been thinking about when I want to shoot my photographs of athletes during a sport. My main goal is to try and shoot at practices during water breaks, and then after practices when everyone is tired, and taking off their cleats etc. During a game, I plan on taking photographs, before the game, at half time, and after the game.

This is Holt, He plays on the Rugby team at VCU, that I also play on. I was injured at the time and took this last year. I will talk about this photograph in the paragraph below.
Another Half, Digital Photograph. 2008. 16"x20" - John Cameron
I researched on some tips that might help me out in finding the best emotions off the field. I went to a website and there were some helpful hints on finding the best quality emotions during a game. They mentioned how half-time was one of their favorite times to take photographs, "When faces are full of emotion, sweat, determination, and grit. Besides, they are sitting quietly paying attention to the coach or whatever". This article didn't have a writer, rather it was written by ProPix Photography. They said to shoot full frame and fill the frame with a face. Even more than 3 quarters of the entire frame. Another pointer that they mentioned was to use a long lens, so that you are further away from the athlete. This would make it look as though it isn't posed. I was thinking about all these ideas previous to this article, so this article made a lot of sense to me. I have done similar work to this before. I was just doing it for fun, not even thinking that I would photograph a similar series for work.
Coach Vinnie
Advice, Digital Photograph. 2008. 16"x20" - John Cameron
The article that I found on also insisted on taking photographs of the coaches. They didn't really say much about the coaches, but mainly to not forget about them. But I know that a lot of emotion comes out of the coaches. At half-time especially, where they aren't yelling at players from the sidelines, rather talking to the players in a group and trying their best to give the athletes their best advice to do well in the game. These images are also old from last year. They're of my coaches Vinnie, and Steve.
Coach Parker, Digital Photograph. 2008. 16"x20" - John Cameron
These images are basic. They're all natural lighting, and nothing too special. Rather than a low f-stop making it focus on the subject. So I plan and changing it up a little, making photographs a little more exciting. Maybe some silhouettes and most definitely using a on camera flash. I have a rugby game this weekend, and I will most definitely practice these techniques then.

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