Sunday, September 27, 2009

John Cameron. 09/27/09. Artist - Dave Hill

My latest artist entry is about the artist Dave Hill. His work is a new style of photography that is starting to get very popular around the ranks. Hill uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) and he also dodges and burns in on the shadows and highlights of his work. From this, I feel as though the images look like they are painted, kind of like an air brush. I really like it. I am going to try the technique out, and see how it goes. I feel that it's new and fresh, something different. I want to try it out, but give it my own technique. Here is one of Dave Hill's image.
By Dave Hill
As you can see, the image has a different look. It looks smooth and "un-real". But I like it. Dave Hill has taken photographes of famous actors, sports stars, musicians, and has also worked with advertising. His website is and he has lots of images on there. He also has a blog on there, which is very helpful as I previously mentioned in my last artist entry. Dave Hill was born in San Diego, and he currently lives and works out of Los Angeles.
By Dave Hill
Dave Hill is someone to once again look up to, and his work is amazing. He helps the photography community and his generosity is something to look up to.

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