Wednesday, September 2, 2009

John Cameron. 09/02/09. Artist - Teun Hocks

I was introduced to Teun Hocks' work by my teacher Tom Condon. I appreciated his work right away because of the beautiful dreamlike appearance of his photographs. I also enjoyed the fact that the photographs looked like a snapshot from a cartoon. He proves that thinking outside of the box in the easiest of ways can make a very exciting image.
187. Untitled. 2000. Teun Hocks. Oil on toned gelatin silver-print
Hocks shows interesting ideas that I also want to create with my senior portfolio that I will be making this semester. I'll be making a sports related portfolio, where I will focus on athletes outside of the sports action. So I will show where the athlete may be nervous before a game, upset after a loss, and then also off the field where the athlete may struggle to fit in school work and also fit in a job at the same time.

However with Hocks, I feel as though I may also try to think outside the box in my work. In Hocks' work, he does simple ideas. With the image above, he shows some photographs on the wall with his head poking in one, as though he was looking out a window. It seems like such an easy subject matter. When I try to think of good ideas to think outside the box, and have a new exciting idea it sometimes gets very tough. But I feel as though if you think cleverly and not try to think too hard, an idea may pop up like Hocks has produced many times.
155. Untitled. 2003. Teun Hocks. Oil on toned gelatin silver-print

In the image above, Hocks shows his technical skills, where he has a golden glow on the subject's face, that is being "reflected" off the fire. Another great idea, but with a smart technical aspect in the image that makes it work very well.
Teun Hocks was born in 1947, in Leiden, Holland. One of his first major exhibitions was back in 1979 at the Galerie Loa Amsterdam, Holland. He has had many more exhibitions over the years throughout Europe and also here in the United States, at the P.P.O.W in New York City.

Here is his website

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