Sunday, September 20, 2009

John Cameron. 09/20/09. Artist Dustin Snipes

I researched Dustin Snipes' techniques and talked about them in my idea/concept blog. However, I didn't really talk much about Snipes and his background. When I was looking at his work, I was very interested in his unique style of trying to be different. I was blown away and I appreciate his work a lot. I talked about Teun Hocks earlier in the semester, and I see a similarity with Snipes, because he also shows that he can think outside the box to produce unique work. But Snipes does more work with sports, so I can relate to him, and learn from him also. Even though I have been saying that I don't want to do action shots during a game, I think if I capture a shot related to the baseball one shown, I think I might include it in my portfolio. It's a beautiful image, the background is clear and calm, and the thought of a silhouette athlete and normally lit athlete is a great idea. I see that he used the shadow from a grandstand to do this. But what a great thought and it gives me something to think about when shooting photographs.
By Dustin Snipes, Digital Photograph. 2008

Dustin Snipes is a staff photographer with the Los Angeles, California based Icon Sports Media, Inc. His works appear regularly in National and International publications such as ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated, TIME Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, USA Today, Los Angeles
Times, The New York Times and numerous others. In 2006, and 2007, Snipes was named the Sportsshooter Photographer of the year. Snipes is someone I look up to as a photographer. He tries new techniques and shows how he does them on his website. His website is and he has a gallery and then a blog also. His blog is so helpful to many young striving photographers, and he deserves all the credit that he receives. I learn from him, and intend to be like him when I'm older.
Photoshoot of Dustin Snipes photographing High School Basketball students. 2009 Digital

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