Wednesday, September 16, 2009

John Cameron. 09/16/09. Idea Concept/Blog.

Matt Hobgood, Digital Photograph. 2009. by Dustin Snipes.
After last week's idea blog, I went out and practiced the guidelines that I had studied. I had a rugby game on Saturday and I tried out some shots, where I used my long 70-300mm lens, and I also made sure that I focused on the face after a game, or during half-time.
This is a photograph of Aaron. He is freshman, and he played in the B side game. He is getting some pointers by the A side captain, Todd. This was during half-time, and a lot of thought is going through this image.
Fresh and Old. Digital Photograph. 2009. 8"x10" by John Cameron
However, I think I'm going to change up my approach to emotion with sports. I met with Jeff last week, and he recommended that I use a studio as much as I can while I'm a student. Therefore I'm going to take this into the studio. I plan on looking at other sports photographers that have taken athletes into a studio to do shots that make them look sweaty and muddy. However, Jeff encouraged me to be unique. To do something that hasn't been done before. I also plan to go on location, to relate sports with the athlete's life. For example, I want to get a friend/athlete in their full rugby uniform, all sweaty and muddy, sitting in a desk chair in a class room somewhere. Or take that into the studio.

Dustin Snipes is a photographer that I have been getting some ideas from. He has a website where he has a gallery, and also a blog which is helpful to me. He does a shoot, and shows how he did it. Showing photographs of the set up and finished result. In the image to the right, he used a Nikon D3, at an ISO speed of 250. Aperture was 10, Shutter at 1/250. The lens was at 56mm. Fairly standard settings, but always good to see how the professionals do it.

He did another shoot on location, where he photographed the baseball pitcher on a pitching mound. He showed the finished result and then a photograph of the set up also. This is really interesting to look at, as I haven't seen this many times before. He said that he used a hard side light, by using two strip boxes. But he then took off the diffuser in front for a higher output. His assistant (Ric Tapia, pictured) held a light upwards towards the pitcher so it would get underneath his hat.
Matt Hobgood with photographer assistant Ric Tapia, Digital Photograph. 2009. By dustin Snipes.
Matt Hobgood, Digital Photograph. 2009. by Dustin Snipes.
This is the final product to the right. Although I don't want to show action in my images, I really like how Dustin Spike showed how he did it. It was very nice of him to do, as us young photographers appreciate it so much.
This image had an ISO of 100, Shutter at 1/320, lens at 24mm, and a aperture of 10.

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