Wednesday, September 23, 2009

John Cameron. 09/23/09. Idea/Concept Blog

Form Series. 11"x17". 2009. Photographed by
Daniel Gaul, Edited by John Cameron

I had a meeting yesterday with my teacher, Tom, and we went over what I am going to be doing with the changes in my portfolio. As I discussed in my class blog, I am just not feeling the on field shots of players with emotion. However, I will keep at it, and if something nice comes up, I may use it. So I am going to go into the studio, and take athletes in there. I am going to focus on the body form, and see the relationships between different players body movements. I will most likely cut out or just take different photographs of body parts, and then the join different pieces of different pieces together. I'm also going to try some other ideas, in relating players to their real life away from sports, and how sports may effect it.

I've played a few games of rugby this year already, and when I play, I give my camera to a team-mate to take photographs. I saw two images that looked very similar, in body form. One was of myself, and one was of my team-mate Dan. The image on the bottom has 3 parts from each image. They are very similar. I got one part of the idea from the artists Gilbert and George, because they mainly use sections in their art. But then the other idea was from another teacher of mine, Jeff. He told me to maybe focus on body form of the Greeks and Roman athletes. I thought it was a good idea, and I want to relate it to Rugby athletes at first. Try some techniques out. I have a shoot on Friday, so I will hopefully have results up next week.

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