Sunday, March 7, 2010

John Cameron. 03-07-10. Lisa Blumenfeld

Digital Photograph, By Lisa Blumenfeld
So I had a critique last week and I wanted to focus on an artist that captured emotion, and also close up (tight crop) photographs. My idea of capturing emotion in sports is going to be a fun job ahead of me. When I heard advice from classmates and my teacher it also was a big plus in making good work for this class.
Hamilton - Digital Photograph, By Lisa Blumenfeld
I was looking through some artists for the Major League Baseball pre-season, and I found Lisa Blumenfeld. The image above was the first one that I found, and I was glued in immediately. Her tight crop, the sharp focus on the subject, and the action of the player gave a lot of meaning to the photograph. The type of feeling, where a person is doing their job. I looked into more of Blumenfeld's work on her website, and I really liked the lay out of her website. She focuses on all the moments in sports, like most sports photographers. But there was a section that I really liked on her website. It was the "Game day" section. This showed athletes before the game, and the emotions were shown on their faces. This is something I might try out. A few photographs way before the game. When the players show up to the field and such.
Terrell Owens. Digital Photograph - by Lisa Blumenfeld
With this image above, the image is very tight, and is cropped into the smallest of crops. This image was emotion screaming out of it. Something I want to show. My teacher advised me to get up and close with athletes, to show a view that not many people see. This image is beautiful. Once again, I really liked Lisa's website. It was simple, and the sections were laid out very well.

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