Wednesday, March 10, 2010

John Cameron. 03/10/10. Idea/Concept Blog

So I went out to Benedictine High School's second scrimmage match, against Deep Run High School. The game started at 4:30pm, and I learned my lesson, by leaving at 4:15pm. The highway traffic in Richmond is busy around that time and I showed up late. It wasn't like I was late for work, but I was late for the good light that was available earlier on. So I was forced to bump up the ISO to 1600. I still really enjoyed the experience, and got to figure out where I need to be to take some good shots.
"Strike 3 Expression" - Digital Photograph, March 2010. By John Cameron
The image above was my favorite for the shoot. It's nothing special, but there's something about it that I really enjoy. I think that you can really feel his emotion by getting a strike out. This is what I will be looking for in the semester. Spring break is next week, and it's almost come at the wrong time. I'm going back to my home town for a week, and I will miss a lot of Benedectine's games (like 3 or 4). However, they do have two home games this saturday, and I am going to stay in town for an extra day, just to capture that. It will be during day time, and the lighting should be a lot better. I want my images to be smooth and clean, and my camera isn't the best camera to use an ISO of 1600. I'll really study the diamond also, to see where I can shoot from. I will be at the home field of Benedictine a lot, so Saturday will also be a learning experience. I don't want to shoot through a fence, and I need to be near the dug out. This is where a lot of emotion is found.
"Stealing Base?" - Digital Photograph, March 2010. By John Cameron

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