Monday, March 29, 2010

John Cameron. 03/28/10. Artist Cameron Spencer

Once again this week, I have found a photographer from Getty Images. I have been looking at a lot of Australian photographers, to see what sports they cover. This week I have found Cameron Spencer. He photographed my favorite Rugby League Football team the Wests Tigers last friday night, and I wanted to look more into his work. I could not find his website, but he has a lot of his images online with getty images. He has won awards with Getty images, and I'll show some of those images.
U.S.A swimmers celebrate Gold Medal win - Digital Photograph - 2008 - Cameron Spencer
Australian Soccer players - Digital Photograph - By Cameron Spencer
Table Tennis player - Digital Photograph. By Cameron Spencer
He has a wide range of sporting events. Such as tennis, the Olympics, Rugby, basketball, sailing, wake-boarding, cricket, swimming and many more. This is something, I dream of doing one day. I love all kinds of sports, and capturing the unique and exciting moments is what I'm really into. Spencer really shows a diverse range of angles of capturing these moments. He is either up high, looking down on the action, or down low, looking up. He also has a conceptual side to his work, where he will find the moments that look different and capture them. Like the image with the ping pong ball being in the position of a man's eye.
I have just started my own website, and I have been trying to decide what images I should put on it. I told myself that I want to show different angles, to show diversity. This is something Spencer does, and I think it helps his success.

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