Sunday, March 21, 2010

John Cameron. 03/21/10. Artist Matt Blyth

So it is the end of my spring break, and I got to photograph some baseball games played between some high schools in my home town. I mainly tried to focus on emotion, and I found that smiling, and being upset were two of the main trends in emotion at the games I went to.
I'm originally from Australia, and the National Rugby League season just started last week (kind of like the NFL). I grew up loving this so much, and it is hard to keep track without being able to watch games on television, and also have sports shows like ESPN to keep me updated on league news. So I basically visit the NRL website everyday. It has the basic format of a main photograph on the main page. I always examine the photograph and see what took part in making the image (available light, ISO, aperture, emotion, action etc). But yesterday and today, the main photograph on the site was of emotions.
Parramatta Eels celebrate, March 2010. Digital Photograph by Matt Blyth
This is not the image that was on the main page, but it is very close. I could not find the photographer who took the photograph. When I find an image that I like from someone. I usually search in Getty Images. This time I found Matt Blyth, and his style was interesting to me because he had a style that I tried to use while I was taking photographs at the baseball games last week. That is capturing the game and emotion. Emotion is a huge part to the assignment, and Matt Blyth does this. I could not find a website for Matt Blyth, but I looked over his images in Getty, and I learned some techniques that I intend to also capture. It seems as though he is at a low angle, having a nice background in his images. This is something I will try to incorporate in my work over the next few weeks.
Luke Burt, March 2010. Digital Photograph by Matt Blyth

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