Friday, March 12, 2010

John Cameron. 03/12/10. Visiting Artist - Sanford Biggers

It shows that being confident, and proud about your work will most definitely help out your lecture. Sanford Biggers was a delight to listen to. Just the way he informed the audience about his work, and other aspects of life, made me realize how a successful critique/lecture should go. I also appreciated his work ethic, as most others do too. You can tell how hard he works for his pieces of art, and it glows through his lectures. After all of the visiting artist lectures I have attended, this is definitely one of my favorites.
Sanford Biggers, Prayer Rug, 2005, Colored sand poured unfixed directly on floor, 40 ft x 20 ft. at Triple Candie, New York.
This piece was a stand out because of the precise work done to create a rug out of sand. For it to be so big, and perfect, is amazing. He said that it took 300 hours to complete. He created another piece similar to this. He made it with black and white rice. I can't find a picture of it, but he made every piece of rice stand up to make a picture of a man.

Blossom, 2007. At the Tate Modern. By Sanford Biggers
I think Sanford Biggers spoke really well. I think the fact that he is an art teacher helped him. Also the fact that he used to teach here at VCU. The main thing about Bigger's work, is that it seems as though he works at 110% towards every piece. You can see all the hard efforts that he puts in to his work. He is a multi skilled artist and he can do anything very well and I wish that I could have half of the skills he has. I liked how he was starting to take photographs of his work in the end, with style. I liked his technique. For someone who doesn't specialize in photography, he showed the artistic eye in a lot of his images. As far as cropping out, and using a low aperture. It showed that being a smart artist is all you need to be able to succeed in any aspect of art.

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