Wednesday, March 3, 2010

John Cameron 03-03-10. Idea/Concept blog.

So I have not been able to photograph the baseball team yet, due to rain and also having the fact that I practice on the college rugby team three days a week. But I had a mid term critique today and I really thought that it was great and beneficial for me. I thought the critique went well because I really liked the feedback I got from the class. A lot of good ideas were thrown out that I totally agreed with. I do not think that there was one comment that I didn't agree with. This was great, as this critique has helped me out so much. Now, it is all up to me to get the work done. Some of the major points that I wrote down were that I have to separate myself from other sports photographers that might also be shooting high school baseball. I can do this by getting to know the baseball team, and being able to get up close and personal with them. From this, I might be able to get shots that other people cannot get (locker room, dug out, bus etc.). Also, I can borrow really nice equipment from an internship job that I did for two semesters. This can provide me with being able to shoot wherever I want. It could be up close, or far away. Having nice lenses can help me with this.
"Emptiness" - Digital Photograph, March 2010. By John Cameron
Yesterday I went out to look at the practice field. I took a shot of their dugout, and I liked the mood that I captured from it. I do not think I will use this image for my portfolio, but I thought that it was worth doing.
Another good idea that I got from the critique was that someone said that I should create a blog to show the players what pictures I am generating. This could make their parents want them, and then I could also maybe make a book from this. I want to make a season long story. From start to finish. It's gonna be fun, and a tough journey at the same time.

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