Sunday, February 28, 2010

John Cameron. 02-07-10. Artist Peter Diana

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers Coach. Digital Photograph. February 2008 - by Peter Diana
This week, I am once again trying to find artists that focus on emotions in sports. I found the artist Peter Diana this week, and he has a lot of nice images containing a lot of emotion. I really like his choice of backgrounds in his images. His photographs involve a person, who looks like he is in a deep train of thought. This is what I'm trying to do also. Peter Diana, has a lot of emotion type photographs on his website, but it was a little tricky to find some that I could post on here. But I found a few to show you what I'm talking about.
Pittsburgh Pirates manager John Russell - Digital Photograph, September 2009. By Peter Diana
I know that I'm mainly focusing on emotion, but I need to divide the categories of emotion. This week, I'm looking at coaches of teams. Seeing where and what they are doing. What are they thinking about to do better? A lot can be told from these photographs. I remember when I did my internship at basketball games, that my boss would always tell me to focus on the coach too. To also not forget about the coach because they are so important and they always show a lot of emotion. I really like the position of the coach in this image, although a lot of information is blurred about from a low aperture, you are still drawn into the coach. When I shot my basketball game a few weeks ago, I wondered if doing too much work in photoshop could ruin a real life sporting image. But I think a little work was done here to improve highlights and shadows (maybe even blur). So I will use these tools too, because it's visually pleasing to me at least.
Pittsburgh Pirates manager John Russell - Digital Photograph, September 2009. By Peter Diana
Peter Diana works out of the Pittsburgh area, and it has made me realize how lucky he is to be in such a good area with famous teams. Pittsburg have teams in all of the national leagues here in the United States, and photographing sports in this city would be so fun. The city loves sports, and this is a place that I could become familiar with one day.

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