Sunday, February 14, 2010

John Cameron. 02-14-10 Artist Scott Brown

Coach Shaka Smart and Larry Sanders, December 2009, taken by Scott Brown
From last week, I have planned to shoot athletes in school. I'm going to photograph a High School basketball game tomorrow night. I chose the photographer Scott Brown because I worked with him for a year, and I assisted him in many basketball games. I only got to photograph an actual game for total of about 10 minutes. But I still learned what to catch. Scott taught me to never look at the images on the camera. Because you may miss out on important parts of a game. Just because it may be a timeout, that doesn't mean it's a break for you. This is where you can get shots of the coaches talking and then the huddle too.
Larry Sanders, February 2010, taken by Scott Brown
Scott has taken sports photographs for a long time now. He has worked for Sports Illustrated and now works mainly in Richmond, Virginia. When he photographs a basketball game, he uses strobes in the ceiling, and multiple cameras (behind the hoop). He uses triggers, that are attached to his lens that he uses himself court side. The trigger is pushed, and then sent through his pocket wizards to get a photograph from another camera. However, I will just be using my camera, and two lenses that I have. But I'm looking forward to the challenge, and am glad that I have a bit of experience from watching Scott do many games.

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