Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Cameron 02-10-10. Idea/Concept blog.

So I met with my new senior portfolio teacher this week, and he guided me in the direction of photographing high school athletes. It's sounds like a lot of fun, and I have already been emailing coaches and athletic directors to see if I can photograph some athletes. He gave me the idea of maybe photographing the players on a bus ride before a game. To show emotions and how they look before an important event. I was going to do this at the start of last semester. But I was guided to stay in the studio. Now, I'm going to use my flash, and use my own equipment, to show I can work on my own and take good photographs without the aid of fancy equipment (that I borrowed last year).
This image is obviously on a bus, and there is a lot to tell about the image. It looks like it is very quiet, and that the players are trying to get in the zone by listening to their favorite music. This is something similar to what i am looking for. Except, I'll use my flash in a different way instead of direct. Maybe by bouncing it off the ceiling, or window/wall.

I've also thought of getting into locker rooms or sides of a field where players get ready. To capture game plans, ideas, thoughts, and concentration. I am really looking forward to this and I hope it gives me some experience being around real athletes. So I am ready when I graduate.

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