Monday, February 15, 2010

John Cameron. 02/15/10. Visiting Artist - Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfieffer's work was very interesting and I liked looking at it. The way he takes things out of photographs/films is a true talent and an amazing thing to be able to witness. However, his delivery about his own work threw me off. I understood everything he said about his work, but it seemed as though he got confused about what he was talking about. It effected the lecture in my opinion, but his work and talent helped him out a lot. I liked the way how Pfieffer talked about his work, but there was a lot of long silences in between his speech. I'l learn from this.
Paul Pfeiffer - Photograph
I want to be a sports photographer myself and I really like basketball. So when I saw the basketball images, I was amazed by his work. I know that in some shoots, I try to erase brand names, or team names, but Pfeiffer did it all. Taking every athlete (except one in some cases) out of an image and replacing it with the crowd, floor, and ceiling is truly skillful. It creates a whole new feeling. Where is everyone else? Is the whole crowd just looking at him? His conceptual ideas were once again simple, but effective pieces of work. I need to think hard, but easy at the same time. Think of something and imagine what it could do to be interesting. The idea of Pfeiffer making a sunset sun, and a sunrise sun, merge into one another from an up and down position, is a hard thought out idea, but also a easy idea to understand at the same time.

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