Wednesday, February 24, 2010

John Cameron. 02/24/10. Idea/Concept Blog

Andy Marte #25 (left), Niuman Romero #4 and Carlos Carrasco #59 of the Cleveland Indians- Digital Photograph. 2009 - by Brad Mangin
I went into a meeting with my teacher the other day, wondering if I should shoot other sports. He mentioned the fact about basketball season ending soon, and how it might be good to focus on a sport that is getting ready to start. I said Baseball, and we agreed on something like that. Paul said that I should focus on a season long goal of capturing the beginning to the end. Firstly, by showing try-outs early on (photographs of emotions of struggling in try outs, missing the list/team etc). Then by going on through the season. Once again focusing on emotion. Try-outs to make it into a team can be brutal, and showing emotion can be beautiful. It sounds like a lot of fun. Paul also recommended maybe taking photographs of other things instead of players. Like maybe the team list (with the names that made the team) and other things like sports bags, tape, shoes, etc.
Miguel Cabrera #24 and coach Andy Van Slyke #18 of the Detroit Tigers. Digital Photograph. 2009 - by Brad Mangin
I went ahead and called the athletic director of the local high school I have become close to. He said the baseball team practices everyday, and that they have a scrimmage on March the 6th. So it is pre-season, and I can start shooting to capture the early parts to the season.
The images that I uploaded, are a little bit of what I'm trying to capture. Fun in the dugout, and happiness over a good play. Something like that. It's gonna be fun, and I look forward to it.

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