Tuesday, February 2, 2010

John Cameron. 01/27/10. Visiting Artist - Alec Soth

Overall I thought that Alec Soth presented a pretty good lecture. His ideas are thoroughly thoughtful and his explanation of his ideas are the reason why his work has been so successful. I liked how he would connect ideas from other sources. Like the love letters and how he would try to tell a story from them through photography. Also the relationship between the "Most Beautiful Woman In Georgia" and how he made another similar version of this with the "Most Lonely Person In Missouri". This was something that I took in and realized I could make up ideas like this too.

self portrait of Alec Soth

His overall presentation was good, but I felt as though it was just a little off when he would be silent when going through a few of his photographs. I was interested in each photograph, but he didn't talk about every one. Other than that, it was a good lecture to learn from.

The similarities that I was familiar with was the idea of just getting outside, going on a drive and taking pictures. This is something I like to do, and also do a lot when assignments are given to me for school.

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